Friday, May 20, 2011

Brando Karate Glastonbury CT


At Glastonbury CT Martial Arts, the development of body, mind, and spirit is the goal of student accomplishment. Bando relies on courage, speed, power, and close range practical fighting, upon which self defense is based. Traditional weapons are taught as the student progresses including: Long Stick, Double Filipino Stick (Escrima), Khukuri (Gurkha Sword), Military and Police baton, Ka-Bar Marine Knife, Dagger, Dha (Burmese Long Sword), and Short Stick. In addition to the above information, the student in introduced to the various animal styles of which there are nine in the Bando System. Connecticut Bando teaches the Boar System to advanced students after the 1st Level if Achievement (Black Belt) has been attained.

A unique aspect of Glastonbury CT Martial Arts is individual training that allows new members to become familiar with the basic drill and techniques in a short period of time, allowing everyone to fit in with the regular classes as quickly as possible. Bando is a system built upon solid principles.Training is precise and consistent,and includes mind, spirit and body.

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